Reflexology is a dynamic, fluid therapy, which is adapted to personal needs.

Reflexology is based on the insight that every organ in the body has a specific corresponding area on the hands and feet with which it is connected via an energy meridian. We assume we are all-knowing. Instinctively, we push and rub the painful areas. By applying pressure, the reflex points are massaged. With thousands of years of knowledge to draw upon, reflexology evolved into a form of individual therapy in our modern day era, catering to a large spectrum of indications.

Potential applications:

  • promotion of blood circulation to the appropriate organs
  • normalization of hypersensitive reflexology zones
  • support of weakened organs
  • stimulation of the body's own regenerative powers
  • relaxation and general well-being
  • positive influence on all organ and tissue functions

About Prisca

Prisca Pfaendler was born and raised in Switzerland. In 2000, medical problems began to dominate her daily life, career and personal life. Unfortunately, doctors were not able to adequately remedy my medical conditions.

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